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Buccaneers set to spend big in free agency, again

The salary cap is rising, and the Bucs should have plenty of room to spend this offseason.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were one of the biggest spenders in free agency this year, and they're set to be one of the biggest spenders this offseason, too. Jason La Canfora reports that the NFL is set to have a 2015 salary cap of between $138.6 and $141.8 million, and that that is likely to end up being even higher.

This would effectively give the Bucs an unlimited spending budget, assuming the Glazers sign off on spending to the cap. Over The Cap lists the Bucs' 2015 salary cap commitments at $108.9 million, which would give the Bucs somewhere in the range of $30-$33 million in cap space for next season before making any moves.

The Bucs probably do need to set aside some $10 million per year to pay Lavonte David, but they should have plenty of cap space to spend in free agency beyond that. And they could free up significantly more by releasing players like Michael Koenen ($3.25 million), Logan Mankins ($7 million), Josh McCown ($5.25 million), Brandon Myers ($2.25 million), Anthony Collins ($3 million) and Dashon Goldson ($4 million). They could have around $50 million in cap space, if they really wanted to.

Basically, the Bucs can spend as much money in free agency as they want. Although perhaps the lack of success in free agency in recent years should give them some pause before actually doing so. But they do have several needs that need to be addressed, and they can't fill all of them in the draft. Specifically, almost the entire offensive line needs to be upgraded -- yet again -- and the Bucs desperately need a better quarterback. While the latter is likely to happen in the draft, free agency is almost certainly where they'll have to find their linemen. Again.

h/t Hogs Haven