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Josh McCown looked like he was about to cry at the podium

Josh McCown is emotional at the podium after the Bucs lose their eighth game of the season.

Mike Ehrmann

After the Bucs lost their eighth game this season, Josh McCown took the podium for his post-game press conference, and it looked like he was about to start crying. He kept his eyes downcast throughout, used the phrase "it hurts" about a dozen times.

Josh McCown press

McCown talked about hurting because they keep losing, week after week. Hurting because it's painful for the fans to come to the stadium and watch the team lose every game. To watch the players work hard throughout the week, and then just come up short. Every. Single. Week.

His remarks weren't particularly insightful beyond that, and his play wasn't particularly inspiring either -- though at least it was better than what he'd shown earlier in the season. But while what he said wasn't insightful or even particularly powerful, it was plain to see that he was genuinely pained by what's happening with the Bucs this year.

Just like every Bucs fan out there, I guess.