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Watch Mike Evans dominate a Falcons cornerback

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Evans is kind of good. One week after his breakout, two-touchdown, 123-yard game against the Cleveland Browns, Mike Evans is killing the Atlanta Falcons. Evans has four catches for 51 yards, and the highlight was this touchdown catch to tie the game, courtesy of FanSided.

Evans is going to be a very special player, and he's showing his skills the past couple of games. He's big, fast, and can make some ridiculous catches, something he's doing on a weekly basis now. He had a somewhat slow start to the season, in part because he was adjusting to the speed of the NFL game and playing both sides of the field, but he's cleared that hurdle -- and now it's time to eat.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers actually seem to have hit on a high draft pick, and are getting early returns, too. Enjoy, Bucs fans. Mike Evans is going to be a star.