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Falcons vs. Buccaneers Score Update: Atlanta up 7-3 after one quarter

The Atlanta Falcons lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-3 after one quarter.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

In their second game against the Atlanta Falcons the Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren't getting blown out -- but they still don't look all that great, being down 7-3.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers started the game reasonably comfortably, marching down the field with a steady succession of quick passes and even a successful screen. Of course, true to form, that fell apart close to the red zone and a succession of bad runs and penalties pushed them back to the edge of field goal range. Patrick Murray was undeterred and kicked the ball through the uprights from 51 yards.

That result obfuscated a pretty obvious problem: Josh McCown is still making dumb decisions under pressure, throwing two near-picks and losing the ball on what looked like a sack but was ruled an incompletion.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Falcons looked effectively unstoppable on offense. The Bucs couldn't get any pressure, while the Falcons beat them on the ground and with quick passes through the air. The only reason the Falcons' first drive didn't end sooner was that Matt Ryan underthrew a wide open Julio Jones on a go route.