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Buccaneers Midseason Awards

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have played eight games. Time for midseason awards for a 1-7 team that has played some horrendous football! Oh.

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No one.

The team is 1-7. The only players who have looked consistently good haven't been all that relevant in the team's one win (Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, Mike Evans), and the players who were important for that one win weren't all that useful outside of that win (Vincent Jackson, Mike Glennon).

So when you lose seven games, you don't get an MVP. Tough luck.

Offensive Player of the Half-Season

Mike Evans! He's missed one game but still leads the team with 460 receiving yards, is consistently getting open deep and looks like a future star. He's been one of the few bright spots on offense this year, while Vincent Jackson has slowed down a little and no one else is consistently productive.

Defensive Player of the Half-season

I'm going with Gerald McCoy. Five sacks in six games, most of them played with a broken hand, and the engine behind the team's only good thing (the run defense). Plus, he's become even more of a leader, he's spoken publicly about his disappointment, the fans' right to be angry and more of that goodness. He's earned every penny of his massive contract.

Best game

That one game they won.

Worst game

Losing 56-14 to the Atlanta Falcons on prime time. Yes, the Falcons.

Offseason awards

Best Draft Pick

Mike Evans, of course. He looks like a very good draft pick, but then we said the same thing about Michael Clayton. Still, Evans has had a consistent impact, and none of the other draft picks have had a huge impact. Austin Seferian-Jenkins has been okay, but he still looks like he's getting used to the speed of the NFL. Charles Sims has been absent with injury. Kevin Pamphile and Kadeem Edwards have been active for one combined game. There's really no other option, here.

Worst Draft Pick

Left guard Kadeem Edwards, I guess? I mean it's not like we could expect all that much out of a fifth-round pick, but he hasn't been active for a single game -- and he was so bad that the Bucs had to trade for Logan Mankins to get even a single remotely-feasible starting guard.

Best free agent addition

Urrrrghhhhhhhhh....Clinton McDonald, I guess? Most have been disappointing, but McDonald has at least been consistently solid, somewhat disruptive, and not overpaid. He's been basically what you'd expect, which is more than you can say for every other free agent.

Worst free agent addition

Anthony Collins. Disappointment has been par for the course for the Bucs' free agent additions, but Collins actually managed to get worse week-by-week. His final game as a starter was a complete embarrassment, and his being injured seems to have been a good thing for the Bucs' offense. That's really bad.

Best trade

Jonathan Casillas for turning a sixth-round pick into a fifth-round pick. Hey, they got something for a player who was a special teamer only with an expiring contract. Yay!

Worst trade

Logan Mankins for Tim Wright and a fourth-round pick. The Bucs at least got a starter out of it, but Mankins has been bad, full stop. They lost a promising young receiving tight end and a fourth-round pick for one of the highest-paid guards in the NFL, who's barely replacement level at this point.