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Lovie Smith: "Learn the system or get out"

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Lovie Smith is not playing around. He puts up a kind, calm exterior, especially to the press, but he's creating some ultimatums for his defensive players.

Lovie Smith is increasingly starting to sound fed up with the horrible defensive play -- defensive play that has at least picked up in recent weeks, as players are indeed getting more comfortable with the scheme. Not that this was a difficult scheme to pick up, and the fact that it took them this long to get it even a little bit right is slightly baffling.

This would also be why Mark Barron was shipped out of town for relative peanuts. He wasn't learning the system, and he wasn't playing well. So he goes out, and Major Wright comes in -- Wright at least knows the system and executes it properly, which makes all the difference.

If he keeps to this philosophy, Mason Foster is probably gone after this season with an expiring contract. Dashon Goldson may be replaced, too, although he still has a partial guarantee on his salary. Goldson is already losing playing time to Bradley McDougald, which does not bode well for him.