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Lovie Smith says Mike Glennon is still the quarterback of the future

Jason Miller

Lovie Smith addressed the benching of Mike Glennon for Josh McCown today, and said that it simply came down to their starting quarterback finally being healthy and getting back his starting job, and that Mike Glennon is still the quarterback of the future.

Don't believe Lovie Smith for a second. If someone is your quarterback of the future, you don't bench him mid-season for a quarterback who has been terrible in his own outings. You probably don't even bring in a veteran quarterback in the first place.

The injury is just an excuse -- the Bucs activated Josh McCown last week, and said that he was healed and ready to go into a game. He could have started yesterday, they just chose not to do so. In fact, Lovie Smith even said on Monday that they contemplated replacing Glennon during the game.

And then there's Jason Cole's report that the Bucs want to move on.

Look, Lovie Smith is going to say what he's going to say. He's not going to turn around and say "yup, we're done with him" about any player on his team, let alone the quarterback who he may have to rely on at some point in the very near future. But make no mistake: everything points toward the Bucs not wanting to keep Mike Glennon as their quarterback of the future.