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Roy Miller couldn't be happier for Gerald McCoy

I caught up with Roy Miller at the Jacksonville Jaguars community event today, and asked him his thoughts on Gerald McCoy's recent contract extension.


Little known bit of NFL trivia for you: on Sunday, ex-Bucs Roy Miller and Geno Hayes will become the first players in NFL history to have played four home games at Wembley Stadium. The pair, who had been on the home side with the Bucs in 2009 and 2011, and with the Jaguars last year, set the benchmark at three home games last season, but other players (including Donald Penn, whose Oakland Raiders 'hosted' the Miami Dolphins earlier this season) have tied that mark; the two will reclaim their position at the top of that list come Sunday.

When the Jaguars where in London last year, I was lucky enough to be granted some one-on-one time with Miller, which led to an interview that was particularly revealing about Greg Schaino's stunt-heavy defense, and included some strong implications from Miller about the power struggle going on between Schiano and Mark Dominik at the time.

The Jaguars are now back in the UK, and I got to catch up with Roy again. While we mostly kept it about the Jags this time, I couldn't help but ask him his thought about Gerald McCoy's recent contract extension.

"Man, that's a lot of money!", Roy replied with a smile, "I'm happy for him. I text him right after it happened, and he text me back, he was happy. He definitely wanted to stay there in Tampa. Good for him, I'm so happy for him and his family - and for the area, what a great guy to represent that franchise, to stay there and play there until he retires. To watch him come in as a Buc, and to be able to retire there, it's just one of those happy stories in the NFL - and I got to see it first hand."

Miller was clearly proud of McCoy - and I assured him that it must have all been down to his mentoring. "Oh I taught him everything he knows, so I told him to give me a cut," he replied with a laugh, before exclaiming "I gave him his jersey! [Miller had worn #93 as a rookie, but vacated the number for Gerald McCoy]". Roy concluded - "it must have been that jersey that did everything!"

It's good to see that Miller and McCoy clearly remain good friends, and that Roy is genuinely so happy for his former team mate.