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NFL Power Rankings 2014, Week 10: Teams that suck less than the Bucs

Nearly every NFL team is worse than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but which of the consensus-terrible teams are still consensus-better?

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It's NFL Power Rankings Tuesday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost once again, and somehow they are not the worst. Again. Yay, I guess?

This kind of framing gets boring. So let's look at the teams that are consistently ranked higher than the Bucs. The teams that suck, but are still less of a joke than Tampa Bay's floundering team. Hey, we can do that, right?

Let's start with SB Nation's rankings. Nothing shocking there: the Jaguars and Raiders are both worse than the Bucs, but they have the Jets above the Bucs. Yes, the team that produced six turnovers with two different quarterbacks in one game. That team is still better than your Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Bleeding Green Nation goes the other way: they have the Jets as the worst team in the NFL, and the Raiders at number 31. But the Jaguars are better than the Bucs, there. Yes, the Jaguars. I guess they at least managed to beat the Browns this year?

Mlive takes it one step further: only the winless Raiders are worse than the Bucs in their view. Yes, both the Jets and the Jaguars rank ahead of Tampa Bay in their rankings. And Shutdown Corner does the same thing.

Pete Prisco's a little kind: he only has the Titans and Falcons as surprising teams ahead of the Bucs. Fair enough, I guess. USA Today does the same thing. And then there's Fox Sports, which has the Bucs at number 27. They actually think they're better than the Falcons and Titans. That's just weird.