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Watch: Doug Martin finally shows glimpses of his rookie form

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Doug Martin has returned to form for the first time since October of last year. The Muscle Hamster has 12 carries on 55 yards in the game so far, a season-high, and added a touchdown in the second quarter.

Vine via Fansided.

That touchdown was vintage Martin. He was shifty, patient, showed good vision, got off a stiff-arm and squeezed through some small holes along the offensive line. While the line hasn't been helpful this season, Martin has never looked like the back he was as a rookie -- not until this game.

The Bucs lead 10-0 on the back of a dominant defensive effort, including two interceptions and consistent pressure on a struggling Andy Dalton. But the Bucs have been in this position before in recent weeks, and they've usually collapsed. But if Martin can keep up his quality play this game, the Bucs have a solid chance of getting their third win of the season.