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NFL Power Rankings 2014, Week 13: lol NFC South

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It's Power Rankings Tuesday and maaaaan does this get boring every week.

Danny Kelly has the Buccaneers ranked 29th.

I could give you links to all of the other power rankings, but they basically say the same thing: the Bucs suck. Because they do. Because if you could teach a dog to understand the game of football, it would take him about five minutes to figure that out. Specifically those five minutes in the third quarter.

Incidentally, the rest of the NFC South also sucks. The Saints are 23rd, the Panthers, 26th and the Falcons 24th. One sucky team is going to the playoffs, hosting a game, and I hope they beat the hell out of whichever Wild Card team faces them, too. Just because it'll piss everyone off.