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Buccaneers vs. Bears Score Update: Chicago capitalizes on McCown turnovers

After three quarters, the Bucs are down 21-10 having given up all of their lead and then some in the third quarter.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Buccaneers entered the second half leading 10-0 after shutting down the Bears offense in the first half, but they couldn't keep that up for long. With two putrid drives on offense bookending a scoring drive for the Bears, the Bucs seemed to be facing an all-too familiar collapse. And that's exactly what happened.

Of course, Josh McCown then decided to commit his second turnover the day -- he just lost the ball on a rollout when he got hit from behind deep in his own territory. One Matt Forte run later, the Bears took the lead 14-10 -- their first lead of the day. And one play later, just one play, he threw his second interception of the day by overthrowing Charles Sims who tipped the ball to Ryan Mundy. Matt Forte ran it in again, and that was 21-10.

The Bucs seemed to get back into it when Vincent Jackson got them down into the red zone, but the ball came out after he was down. For some ridiculous reason the officials ruled that he was not down and kept the play a fumble on return -- a terrible call going against the Bucs for not the first time this season.