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Buccaneers vs. Bears: Three key matchups on offense

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have to win these three key matchups to beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

T Anthony Collins vs. DE Willie Young

Willie Young was a free agent this offseason. He has eight sacks as a part-time starter for the Bears this year on a contract approximately three times as cheap as Michael Johnson's. Oops.

Meanwhile, the Bucs also signed Anthony Collins who has been a massive disappointment this season. He's struggled both in pass protection and as a run-blocker and simply hasn't been worth his contract -- and yet, he's still the Bucs' best option at left tackle. He's likely to struggle against the lanky speedrusher who leads the Bears in sacks.

But Collins won't be the only player who will have to reckon with Young, as he moves all over the defensive line. Expect him to go against Demar Dotson sometimes, which isn't necessarily a good thing: while Dotson is the Bucs' best lineman, he struggled mightily against a weak pass rush last week.

WR Mike Evans vs CB Tim Jennings

Mike Evans is really, really good. The Bears defense is not. They'll probably choose to put rookie Kyle Fuller on Evans, which is what they did when they faced Kelvin Benjamin. He's got decent size at 5'11", but he'll still be outmatched by the 6'5" rookie receiver. Fuller does have four interceptions this season, but he's a rookie on one of the worst pass defenses in the league. Those interceptions don't tell the tale of his play.

Fuller actually held Benjamin in check in week five, as the rookie put up just three catches for 38 yards. I wouldn't expect that to happen again, however. Evans is a better player than Benjamin, and Benjamin had several big drops over the course of that game.

Meanwhile, the Bucs have done a good job of getting Evans open deep, and giving him quality matchups. One way they've done that is to line him up in the slot, something the Panthers did with Benjamin to get him a few matchups against linebackers, too. Expect to see more of that on Sunday.

RB Charles Sims vs S Ryan Mundy

Did you know that safety Ryan Mundy is the leading tackler for the Chicago Bears? Despite the presence of Lance Briggs and D.J. Williams? Despite playing in a style of defense that usually favors linebackers as tacklers? Well, now you do.

The Bears don't play a complicated defense. It's very similar to Lovie Smith's defense, in fact. And that means they play a gap scheme against the run -- one where the safety will come down to fill the eighth gap, and apparently one where Ryan Mundy is the one to chase running backs down repeatedly.

And that means Charles Sims is going to have to make him miss. Sims has looked okay in the two games he's played. He's a smooth runner who fits the zone scheme well, can press the hole and make one cut and go. One thing he struggles with is to convert big holes into long gains: he had a tendency to get tripped up by a stray tackler just a yard shy of breaking a long one, and we saw the same thing last week.

It's on Sims to prevent that from happening. That means making Mundy miss, instead of having him make barely successful ankle tackles.