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Join the Bucs Nation FanDuel league for week 12

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

What I learned last week: FanDuel leagues are fun, but I suck at them. Which means I need to get back it and beat everyone this week! a totally-not-gambling-addicted way, of course. Bucs Nation league returns!

You can click here to join our FanDuel League.

It's a Bucs Nation league, so if you use the same name you use here (or post yours in the comments), we can see how well everyone does. It's $5 to enter.

For those who don't know how the whole weekly fantasy thing works: you get a $60,000 salary cap to fill out a team. The best players will cost you more of your cap money, obviously, so you'll have to be smart (and lucky) about which players you choose.

Last week's league was a pretty big success, and it filled up quickly. So if you want to join, make sure to join up early!