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Gerald McCoy thinks the Buccaneers don't care enough

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not happy with how they're playing right now.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost today. Again. It's getting old. The team's harshest critics are in their own locker room these days, though.

"We got our turnover, and then turned the ball right back over to them." Lovie Smith said after the game. "Good football teams don't do that, simple as that. We're not a good football team right now; I think that's fairly obvious."

Meanwhile, the players weren't too happy, either.

"We are running out of games," Gerald McCoy said. "We have to stop losing. It's as simple as that. Everybody's frustrated, but I don't think anybody is upset enough with losing: ‘Yeah we had a lot of good plays and they came back and we just go on to the next.' No, we have to stop that."

Shots fired, I guess.

Gerald McCoy is one of the few players allowed to talk about this. He's been consistent throughout the season, despite a hand injury. He had two sacks today and was a general menace for the Cleveland Browns. He, Mike Evans and Bobby Rainey were the only real bright spots today. And Lavonte David, who's always good even without splash plays.

This is getting really old, though. This has been a consistent problem going back years and years and years. The Bucs lost close games under Raheem Morris (outside of 2010), they lost close games under Greg Schiano, and they are losing close games under Lovie Smith. At some point they have to figure it out, right? At some point they have to start making one play more than the opposition in a few games?

Because I have no words for how frustrating this neverending streak of losing-in-the-fourth-quarter is.