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Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David among 2015 Pro Bowl vote-getters

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Two Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set to make the Pro Bowl, if fan votes are the deciding factor. Gerald McCoy is the sixth-most-voted-for defensive tackle, while Lavonte David is the fourth-most-voted-for outside linebacker on the current Pro Bowl ballot, per As was the case last year, voting is NFL-wide, not split by conference.

I'd argue both players are actually the best or at least top three among their positions, but the Bucs are kind of awful right now so I can't really complain too much. And at least Lavonte David is set to make the Pro Bowl -- though to be fair, he would have made the Pro Bowl last year, too, if it were up to the fans.

No Bucs were among the top vote-getters on offense. A good push and a good second half of the season might get Mike Evans on to the top 10, though. Let's vote for that!