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Mike Evans for Offensive Rookie of the Year

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hit on their first-round pick this season.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Evans is the best rookie receiver in the NFL.

This would have been a slightly ridiculous statement just five weeks ago. After the past three games in which he put up 458 receiving yards with five touchdowns, it's hard to think otherwise. Evans leads all rookie receivers in receiving yards with 794, despite missing one game due to injury. No rookie receiver has more receiving yards per game.

And Evans has done all that with Mike Glennon and Josh McCown throwing him the ball. With no support from a running game. With most targets going to Vincent Jackson, who has undeniably declined significantly.

Evans is also the best offensive rookie in the NFL. No running back has come close to his performance. No quarterback has been steady enough to earn that title. ONo tight end is even remotely competitive with Evans. Offensive linemen are more difficult to judge, but they never win that award anyway.

Which means Mike Evans deserves to win Offensive Rookie of the Year. You could argue that Sammy Watkins or Kelvin Benjamin or Odell Beckham Jr. might be close right now. I don't think it'll be particularly close in the end.

Evans is now on pace to end the season with 1,323 receiving yards, and that's if he falls back to his season-long average rather than the 153 yards per game he's been averaging over the past three weeks. If he keeps up that average, which admittedly is not super-likely, he'll end the season with 1,712 receiving yards -- that would rank sixth in NFL history.

So there we go. Mike Evans for Offensive Rookie of the Year!