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Buccaneers vs. Washington Score Update: Tampa Bay leads 20-7

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lead 20-7 after three quarters in Washington.

Mitchell Layton

The Bucs got off to a great start in the first half, forcing three turnovers and jumping out to a 13-0 lead. That lead was cut to 13-7 by a Roy Helu Jr. touchdown right before the half, marring an otherwise near-perfect first half for the Bucs defense.

The offense has struggled to score, however, as they managed just two field goals despite the advantage of quality field position throughout the game. Mostly, they simply couldn't convert consistent yardage into touchdowns once they got into field goal range.

The third quarter initially saw more of what we'd seen in the first  half: a failure to do much on offense, but a defense that tightened up in scoring range, and a Washington field goal kicker that just kept missing. But Mike Evans fixed that with a 36-yard touchdown catch, posting his third consecutive 100-yard game in the process.

The Bucs now lead 20-7 heading into the fourth quarter. Can they hang on to their lead?