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Buccaneers vs. Washington Half Time Update: Tampa Bay up 13-7 thanks to three turnovers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are up 13-7 over Washington in a half where they dominated throughout -- until the final drive of the half.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are up 13-7 over Washington at the half. Given the flow of play that lead should have been much bigger, but true to form, the Bucs got in their own way just a little too much. The Bucs' defense looked good with two interceptions, a forced fumble, a touchdown and three sacks in just two quarters.

The Bucs took a swift lead in the first quarter thanks to two Robert Griffin III turnovers. Neither entirely his fault, as the first was Niles Paul basically throwing the ball to Danny Lansanah and the second came off a Mason Foster tip to Johnthan Banks, who ran it back for six. But 10 points is 10 points, and two interceptions is two interceptions.

The second quarter was more of a return to form for the Bucs, though. At least that's what it looked like early, when a horrible muffed point and some silly tackling set Washington up on the goal-line, but back-to-back sacks by Gerald McCoy and Jacquies Smith fixed that problem quickly enough, and the subsequent missed field goal was just icing on the cake.

A 51-yard Mike Evans catch got the Bucs a 13-0 lead, and a close forced fumble on Roy Helu Jr. then got them the ball back right before the two-minute warning, but they couldn't convert that into points. And instead of then pinning Washington deep and stopping them to go into the half, they somehow allowed Alfred Morris and Roy Helu Jr. to run all over them, in the two-minute warning, resulting in a disappointing 13-7 lead at the half.