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Josh McCown needs to carry the Buccaneers going forward

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to rely on Josh McCown to win games.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Who has to be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' MVP going forward? I'd say Josh McCown has to play a pretty big role for the Bucs to be successful going forward. His play on Sunday wasn't exactly perfect, but it did represent an upgrade over his play earlier in the season, and over Glennon's play in recent weeks.

And if the Bucs are going to win games this season, they need good quarterback play. There's no one player whose play is going to fix the defense, and the offense as a whole isn't good enough to be consistently productive without a quarterback playing some good football. Game managers are not going to cut it.

And that means Josh McCown is going to have to elevate his play. He's going to have to turn back into the 2013 Bears version of himself, however unlikely that is. And it's very unlikely, because that version got really, really lucky.

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