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Bucs are Embarrassingly the worst team in the league's worst division

It's been a rough year for the entire division.

Cliff McBride

What does it say for your team when you are 0-4 in a division where the leader is 4-5 overall? Where the team you just lost to, the Atlanta Falcons, snapped a 5 game losing streak and even at 3-6 are within striking distance of the NFC South crown?

There's no question the Bucs are the worst team in the league. Worse than winless Oakland. Worse than Jacksonville. Their offense and defense are ranked 29th in the league (an improvement in recent weeks).

Their division is that much worse.

That's right folks. Th NFC South is on track to be the worst division in the history of the NFL with a 5-18-1 record outside the division.

Atlanta can't really beat anyone BUT the Bucs and Saints.

Then you go back to the teams the Bucs have lost to this season.

Carolina (3-6-1)

St. Louis (3-6)

Atlanta, twice (3-6)

New Orleans (4-5)

Baltimore (6-4)

Minnesota (4-5)

Cleveland (6-3)

That's right true believers. Only two of the Bucs 8 losses have come against teams with a winning record. The comibined winning percentage of the Bucs' conquerors is a stunningly bad .449 winning percentage (if you only count Atlanta once). Count them twice and it drops to .435.

Remember back in 2010 when the Bucs allegedly feasted on a weak schedule? What happens when you get beaten on a weak schedule? What do you call that?

The fact that this division is so bad the Bucs are mathematically still alive for a playoff berth despite a 1-8 record should tell you everything you need to know about this team and this season.

The good news is once the Jaguars have their bye this week and assuming the Bucs lose to the 3-6 Washington on the road, Tampa Bay will move to the second spot in the 2015 NFL draft by virtue of strength of schedule. If the Raiders upset a slumping San Diego team, they'll own the top spot in the draft.