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Everyone likes Mike Glennon

There's an interesting new trend: everyone likes Mike Glennon, even opposing NFL coaches. Especially the ones who talk to Dana Bible.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

NFL coaches seem to really like Mike Glennon, as the second-year quarterback has taken over the reigns in Tampa, with no signs of giving them back any time soon. And apparently every NFL coach talked to Dana Bible, Glennon's college coach, about the quarterback.

"It's interesting, we really kind of liked him," John Harbaugh said yesterday. "We had him rated higher than most people and I thought it was a great pick by Tampa Bay. The guy I knew was Dana Bible who was the offensive coordinator at North Carolina State - he had coached Mike and he called me up and gave me a really good scouting report and that moved him up our board significantly."

This echoes Sean Payton's comments last week, who told the Times-Picayune that "he was a player [they] had real high grades on in the third round." Payton also talked about Dana Bible, telling ESPN "Dana, I remember calling me on Mike and really giving me good reviews. I mean over and above. So we studied more tape. He's someone that was in the mix."

That, in turn, echoes what Greg Cosell said at the time Glennon was drafted. He had spoken to the North Carolina State coaches, too, and they compared Glennon favorably to Matt Ryan.

Which is fascinating. Coaches everywhere seem to like Mike Glennon, both in college and the pros, and his college coach consistently raved about him. Yet somehow, he still fell to the Bucs in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft.