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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Picks Week 6 2014

DLT had a big bounce back week. Can he keep the momentum going with Week 6 picks?

Doug Pensinger

After as bad a week as I had last week, I desperately needed a good one and Week 5 was good. 12-3 and nailing my upset of the week is definitely some nice momentum to work with.

Now, can we show some consistency and make it two boffo weeks in a row or will I return to the land of mediocrity?

Let's Find out!

Byes: Chiefs, Saints

Thursday Night

Texans 27, Colts 17 - Could it be a somewhat competitive TNF game? We can only hope.


Titans 24, Jaguars 17 - After blowing the biggest home lead in NFL history to Cleveland, surely the Flaming Thumbtacks won't allow a loss to winless Jacksonville, right?

Upset Special: Buccaneers 27, Ravens 20 - I know, I need to turn in my Nabob of Negativity card but the Bucs defense has played much better at home this season and is getting healthier, Glennon will actually have a crowd that's cheering for him and Baltimore is 7-11 in their last 18 road games.

Broncos 37, Jets 17 - I was tempted to take the Jets in, I can't even finish writing the sentence. Who are we kidding?

Lions 19, Vikings 16 - The Cowardly Ones hit four field goals to win the game.

Patriots 27, Bills 17 - Could this be the changing of the guard in the AFC East? Nope.

Bengals 30, Panthers 17 - Even with the banged up AJ Green, the Bengals and their defense will have a world of pain planned for Cam and company.

Browns 30, Steelers 27 - I'm sticking with the cardiac Brownies.

Packers 27, Dolphins 17 - Miami fans thought they had it made after an opening week win over the Patriots. Then they played more games.

Chargers 30, Raiders 17 - The Battle of Los Angeles? Hollywood hopes they get the Chargers....although for me, Looooas Angeles Super Chargers! Just doesn't have the same ring to it as SAN DI-EGO SUPER CHARGERS!

Upset Special #2 - Bears 47, Falcons 42 - The Falcons offense is killer at home. Bears have one of the better offenses in the league as well. Neither team has a defense. This should be Madden-esque fun.

Seahawks 30, Cowboys 10 - Sorry Dallas, your win streak comes to an end in Coffee country.

Washington 27, Cardinals 16 - No I haven't given up on the Cards, but with a banged up defense and down to their third string QB, even the Washington Franchise can pull off the road win with those odds.

Sunday Night

Eagles 27, Giants 20 - This should be an interesting ball game. The G-men have been surging, Philly has been winning but barely. I'll go with the home team, here.

Monday Night

49ers 27, Rams 13 - Yet another MNF game I won't be watching.