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Projecting key Buccaneers statistics over the 2014 NFL season

Statistical projections for a few key Buccaneers don't make the season look any better.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With five games in the books, we can start looking at the statistical projections for some key Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If they keep up the current pace, what will each key Buccaneer produce?

Mike Glennon (extrapolating from three games): 247/425 for  2,912 yards, 22 touchdowns and 9 interceptions.

Vincent Jackson: 67  catches for 890 yards and six touchdowns.

Mike Evans: 54 catches for 650 yards and three touchdowns.

Bobby Rainey: 150 carries for 704 yards and three touchdowns.

Doug Martin: 118 carries for 301 yards and three touchdowns.

Well, those numbers aren't impressive at all. In fact, they're downright disappointing.

What about the defense then? Well, 13 interceptions, 16 recovered fumbles and 29 sacks isn't exactly impressive. Gerald McCoy and Michael Johnson are projected to end the season with six sacks, each. Lavonte David will have 131 solo tackles, plus 32 assisted tackles, so he's at least on track for a normal season.

Really, this is just more evidence that the Bucs have been one thing and one thing only, so far: disappointing.

There's one silver lining: the Bucs have at least been improving. Hopefully, that improvement will result in better production and, ultimately, wins.