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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in one word: disappointing

The Tampa Bay Buccaneer haven't exactly been good this season.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

One word? Disappointing.

I can't really say disastrous, because the Bucs have been improving. The team is not a complete joke. It's just, well, partly that and partly getting better as the season continues. But that's not what we expected before the season, when the Bucs were talking about the playoffs. When they wanted to win now. When the suggestion that they'd start 1-4 was laughable.

But here we are, week six, and the Bucs are 1-4. And they're not about to play an easy game, with the Baltimore Ravens coming to town. The season is as good as lost, though not entirely over. The defense is nowhere near as good as it has been, and injuries have sapped every unit on this team. The only upside is Mike Glennon's play, which has been respectable so far.

Yes, disappointing is the best word to describe these Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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