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Buccaneers vs. Saints Half Time Update: New Orleans dominates, but only up 13-10

After one half, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trail 10-13 in New Orleans, despite being dominated for most of the first half.

Wesley Hitt

The Saints effectively dominated the first quarter, but still walked out of it with just a 6-0 lead: the Bucs' defense was stout in the red zone and Mark Barron blanketed Jimmy Graham throughout the first half. But Drew Brees wouldn't be Drew Brees if he couldn't work around that, and he did just that on the first drive of the second quarter. Josh Hill on a 37-yard pass and Pierre Thomas on the touchdown pass on the screen.

Jimmy Graham left the game during the second quarter with a shoulder injury, but that really didn't slow the Saints' offense down.

Meanwhile, the Bucs couldn't stop shooting themselves in the foot on offense: dropped passes, penalties nullifying first downs and an interception on the team's one threatening drive all stopped the Bucs from scoring throughout the half. Even when they got into field goal range, they immediately pushed themselves out with a stupid facemask penalty.

Thankfully, the Bucs got it together at the end of the first  half. Patrick Murray hit a 55-yard field goal, after the above stupid penalty, and then a Johnthan Banks interception set them up for a score. Mike Glennon capitalized with a great touchdown throw to Louis Murphy.

The Bucs get the ball to start the third quarter. Here's your open thread!