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Vikings vs. Buccaneers Final Score: Minnesota wins 19-13 in overtime

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost a close game, 19-13 to the Minnesota Vikings, after Austin Seferian-Jenkins fumbled the ball on the first play of overtime.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at the end of a tense, low-scoring game. The Vikings walked away with a 19-13 overtime win after the Bucs went up 13-10 with just two seconds left. Instead of securing the victory on defense, the Bucs allowed the Vikings to tie the game, and then Austin Seferian-Jenkins fumbled the ball on the first play in overtime. The Vikings ran it back for the touchdown, and that was that.

The Bucs' defense had its best game of the season, but the offense had probably its worst game. The offensive line was completely incompetent, the running game went nowhere, and Mike Glennon repeatedly panicked under pressure through the first three quarters.

It was so bad that the two teams combined for 203 total yards of offense in the first half. The Vikings managed a single field goal at the end of the half, and the Bucs managed no points. If it weren't for the fact that the Bucs had been getting blown out in the first half, this would have been completely unwatchable.

It wasn't until the fourth quarter that the Bucs could really do anything, when they scored 13 unanswered points. For almost all of the game, the Bucs' offense struggled mightily. It wasn't until they got the ball in a two-minute situation that Glennon could move the ball down the field consistently, capping off a steady drive with a great throw to Austin Seferian-Jenkins for the touchdown.

Unfortunately, that was all for naught as Seferian-Jenkins lost the ball on the first play of overtime.

First quarter

The Buccaneers set the tone early: they ran the ball, a lot, and weren't afraid to go for it on fourth down even on their own side of the field. That wasn't all that useful, though, because Glennon just punted the ball to Captain Munnerlyn two plays later.

Other than that, nothing memorable happened The Vikings got into field goal range, missed. The Bucs offense sputtered. It was not a very exciting first quarter. Oh, and Michael Koenen managed a 22-yard punt. Yeah. That.

Second quarter

Oh, you thought the first quarter was boring? Well hey, welcome to the second quarter: first quarter redux.

Nothing happened. Except Michael Koenen managed to punt a little, and the Vikings hit on their one field goal attempt per quarter. They led 3-0 going into the half because Bridgewater managed a pair of good passes to get them into field goal range at the end of the half.

At the half, Mike Glennon had 31 passing yards.  Teddy Bridgewater had 101, which is a little better but not all that impressive at 5.6 yards per attempt. No one stood out. Nothing was good. But at least the Bucs weren't getting blown out, I guess.

Third quarter

Let's see. Offense was still horrible. I mean godawful, terrible, disastrous, every negative adjective you can possibly think of. The offensive line continued to be the biggest problem, creating no room and giving Mike Glennon no time -- and then committing holding penalties whenever something positive happened.

Meanwhile, the Vikings got their stuff together. Just a little bit: one drive ended in a touchdown to Greg Jennings over Alterraun Verner and Mark Barron. Other than that, the defense actually played well, with Lavonte David standing out as a positive force in particular.

Fourth quarter

The defense continued to keep the offense in the game. Giving them good field points with a series of tackles for loss, the offense barely converted that to a very long field goal. Two drives later, Mike Glennon managed a huge completion down the sideline to Mike Evans to set up another field goal.

With another defensive stop, the Bucs got a final chance to go ahead by a touchdown with four minutes left in the game -- and Mike Glennon did exactly that, capping off a steady drive with a touchdown throw to rookie Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

Of course, the defense then decided it was time to allow the Vikings to march down the field and kick a chip-shot field goal for the win. At least the Vikings gave up going for the touchdown to win with 13 seconds left for no discernible reason.


The Bucs won the toss and got the ball. One play, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins fumbled the ball, Vikings ran it back and that was the game.


Doug Martin left the game in the third quarter with an ankle injury, and did not return.

What's next?

The Bucs travel to Cleveland to take on the Browns next Sunday.