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NFL Trade Rumors: Buccaneers could move Doug Martin

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could trade Doug Martin, if they can find a trade partner.

Cliff McBride


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could trade Doug Martin before Tuesday's trade deadline, Jason La Canfora reports. The running back has been disappointing the past two seasons after blowing up wit nearly 2,000 yards from scrimmage as a rookie in 2012.

La Canfora also confirmed the rumors surrounding Vincent Jackson, and the prospect of a second-round pick as the veteran receiver's price. It seems unlikely any team would give up that much for 31-year-old Jackson on an expensive contract, however.

Why this trade makes sense

Martin has just 139 yards on 48 carries this season, and has been a non-factor in the receiving game. Part of that is due to general dysfunction on offense and a poor offensive line, but Martin has looked stiff and has not been able to make anyone miss this year.

The Bucs also already have a replacement ready in Charles Sims. The rookie should return to play next week after spending the first half of the season on injured reserve. Sims was a third-round pick for the Bucs, who had him rated as one of the best backs in the draft and loved his performance during the offseason. In terms of style, Sims is reminiscent of Matt Forte, Lovie Smith's workhorse back in Chicago.

Why this trade doesn't make sense

The fact that Martin hasn't been productive for two years will sap his trade value. While he is a useful utility back, and has excelled as a pass blocker in recent weeks, he doesn't look like the kind of running back you'd invest a significant amount of anything in. Still, his age and fairly cheap contract as well as one season of success may entice a team to give up a mid-round pick for the Muscle Hamster.

Probability: Not very likely