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Vincent Jackson trade rumors: Buccaneers will deal "for the right price," still receiving calls for Jackson

The Buccaneers are stuck in a losing season, and are reportedly considering a deal to send away their top receiver. So just how likely is a Vincent Jackson trade?

Gregory Shamus

Vincent Jackson may be on the move, if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can get the right offer.

That's the latest report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, who said this morning on NFL Gameday Morning that the Bucs would trade Jackson for the right price. The NFL Network insider reports that price is a second-round draft pick.

Rapoport also linked the Bucs with trade talks with as many as five teams on Twitter, including the Eagles, Patriots, Seahawks, Chiefs and another, unnamed team. Whether or not any of these teams would be willing to part with a second rounder for Jackson will determine if and when the veteran wideout gets dealt.

Getting a top-60 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft would add to the Bucs likely high-first and second-round selections and provide a very solid stable of rookie talent to add to a roster obviously lacking at the moment. Jackson is an important part of the offense, but the Buccaneers drafted Mike Evans with the seventh pick in the 2014 Draft, and have to trust him as a long-term WR1 at that price.

The trade makes sense for all the teams linked with the Buccaneers, but money because prohibitive in most situations when considering a Vincent Jackson trade. A team would be hesitant to deal for Jackson if they didn't believe they could handle his contract over the next couple of years, and Jackson has no reason to re-work his deal unless he's looking to play for a contender before retiring.