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Fantasy football advice: It's time to trade Doug Martin

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hope Doug Martin is going to be the foundation of their offense. It's not going to happen.

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Cliff McBride

Coming into the season, Doug Martin was one of the top running backs in fantasy football. Well, not at the very top -- but he was seen as a number one running back on a team that would try to run the ball, a lot.

So far, no good. Martin has been close to useless thanks to injuries and an appalling lack of production even when healthy. The Muscle Hamster has looked nothing like the player who dominated the NFL two years ago. Instead, he looks like a plodding, hard-working, unproductive back. The kind of player teams regularly pick up during any offseason, and then cut them again.

That doesn't mean Martin is going to stay useless forever. He can still rack up some yards, provided his blocking isn't horrible. He hasn't had that luxury this week. But he hasn't looked like the kind of guy who can make anyone miss in the hole. Who can create something out of nothing. Effectively, he's just another guy.

Which means now's the time to get rid of him, if you still own him in fantasy football. Find someone who needs a running back. Sell him on the idea that Martin will get lots of carries. Sell him on the concept that the offensive line will improve. And then get what you can.

So, trade Doug Martin while you can. And try to stay away from Bobby Rainey and Charles Sims as well, unless you're in crazy 32-team leagues where every player is worth something.

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