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Mike Glennon has not been good at two-minute drills

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers would lose a game where Mike Glennon was asked to lead a two-minute drill.

Cliff McBride

I'm going have to answer this question with "lose", Marshall. Mike Glennon has started 17 games in his career. In those 17 games, he's had several opportunities for a two-minute drill. He's succeeded exactly once: two weeks ago against the Pittsburgh Steelers, when he got the ball on the Steelers' 46-yard line and got the Bucs the victory -- after failing to do so on an earlier drive.

That said, he hasn't exactly had many opportunities for comeback drives either. Looking at all offensive drives when trailing by one score or less in the final four minutes of a game, Mike Glennon has had all of two chances. He had one against the Arizona Cardinals in his first start last year, but he threw an interception there. And that's it: he succeeded on his second try against the Pittsburgh Steelers (though that fist drive started outside the final four minutes), and he failed against the Cardinals last year.

Those are not the only drives we can look at, though. We can also examine the drives where Glennon had a chance to steal the win. What about every drive where the Bucs led by one score or less, or were tied in the final four minutes of the game? With Glennon at the helm, the Bucs have had four of those drives: one against the New Orleans Saints two weeks ago, one against the Seattle Seahawks last year, and another one in that same loss to the Cardinals lost year.

The Bucs lost all three games, and none of those drives ended with a score.

That's not to say that Mike Glennon can't score in a two-minute drill. But in all the times when he was asked to definitively seal a game, or drag a victory out of the ashes of a loss, he's succeeded just once. At this point, if the Bucs are faced with the same opportunity, I can't be very confident in his ability to lead a two-minute drill.

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