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Warren Sapp says he almost threw up at Gerald McCoy helping up a player up

More fuel on the fire of the dumbest sports conversation in town.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Warren Sapp went on 98.7 The Fan today with Booger McFarland and Marc Ryan to talk about all things Bucs. About how the problem isn't the scheme, but the players and the way they're playing. About how you need to score points to win. And, yes, about how Gerald McCoy helps players up.

"Too see him (McCoy) reach down and help the running back up and help the lineman up, I almost threw up. Uh! This could never happen, this could never happen. There's a certain mentality you play this game with."

And thus, the stupidest controversy in the NFL continues.

Sapp was always angry. That worked for him. He likes being angry. He likes that fire. It's good to see -- but that's not the only way the game is played. Hall of Famer Lee Roy Selmon was famously kind and gentle. He'd pick a player right after putting him on the ground, which is exactly what Gerald McCoy does.

What works for one player doesn't work for another. There's no reason at all why Gerald McCoy can't help players up and still play a great game. In fact, that's what he does every. single. week.

The Bucs aren't losing because Gerald McCoy is helping players up. They're not losing because they're not angry enough. They're losing because they are not executing the scheme. Because they're playing terrible football. It's that simple: fix the way you play, don't worry about how angry you are while doing it.