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Gerald McCoy thanks the fans, promises they'll fix things

Gerald McCoy reminds us why he's the face of the franchise, thanking the fans and promising they'll fix their problems.

Chris Graythen

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost in fairly embarrassing fashion yesterday, and that has understandably angered a lot of fans. And with that anger comes abuse hurled at players. That's a real issue, and we should all condemn that. It's fine to feel anger, it's not fine to abuse human beings -- and a reminder that they, too, care about the game and have feelings is occasionally in order.

Which is what Gerald McCoy sent out today, after apparently receiving some attacks on his character.

And then something interesting happened. First, fans started to tweet at him that they understood, but were just frustrated at the play. Which is pretty standard. And McCoy started to thank them -- and promise them it'll get better.

He was even friendly to those who refused to be friendly with him, and defending angry fans at that.

And this is why Gerald McCoy isn't just the best player on the Bucs, but he's the face of the franchise. He's a great player on the field, and a great person off the field.