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Buccaneers vs. Ravens score update: Tampa Bay not giving up

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were getting blown out 38-0 in the first half by the Baltimore Ravens, but they're slowly making the score a little less horrifying.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be getting blown out by the Baltimore Ravens, they haven't given up. The first half was as ugly as football gets, but the second half has at least been competitive with the Bucs now down 'just' 45-10. The Bucs have been moving the ball on offense, scoring points, and....well they got a single stop on defense, I guess.

None of that matters after a first half like they have had. A first half in which they were the first team in NFL history to be down 38 points after one half, on their own field.

Still, it's good to see Mike Glennon move the ball down the field, Vincent Jackson make some great catches, and Mike Evans get on the scoreboard again. Yes, the Ravens have effectively won the game already. No, this is not a terrific performance. And yes, they're still getting blown out. But at least it's not soul-destroyingly horrible anymore.