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Ravens vs. Buccaneers Final Score: Tampa Bay blown out 48-17 at home

Another week, another blowout for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Baltimore Ravens beat them 48-17 in their own stadium.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time this season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been blown out. This time the Baltimore Ravens took it to them in their own stadium. The end result was an ugly, 48-17 loss that was even worse than the score suggests.

After one quarter, the Ravens were up 28-0. This was only the thirteenth time in NFL history that a team was down by 28 points or more after one quarter -- and only the second time this  happened at home. And things did not get any better after that. It just kept getting uglier, and uglier, and uglier.

At the half, the Bucs were down 38-0 -- only the seventeenth time in NFL history that a team was down by 38 points or more at the half, and the first time ever that happened to a home team. The Ravens had 347 net yards, against the Bucs' 101 yards. The Ravens had five touchdown passes to four different receivers. Meanwhile, the Bucs had a missed field goal. It was a complete slaughter the likes of which we hadn't seen for....three weeks.

The second half wasn't quite as disastrous. The defense didn't get much better, although it at least got a stop once, but the offense was competent and scored on its first three possessions. Mike Glennon got some more time, Bobby Rainey found running room, and Vincent Jackson, Louis Murphy and Mike Evans showed up. Still, that wasn't nearly enough to avoid a blowout.

Sometimes, a team gets blown out. There are days where everything fails. This was one of those days -- but it's the second such game in just six weeks of play. The Bucs weren't rebuilding this year. They invested heavily in players who could start right now. They attempted to immediately fix this team. And at this point, it's clear they've failed.



Mike Glennon: 24/44 for 314 yards, two touchdowns ,one interception and five sacks.

Louis Murphy: Seven catches for 72  yards and a touchdown.

Vincent Jackson: four catches for 66 yards.

Doug Martin: 11 carries for 45 yards.

Bobby Rainey: 7 carries for 42 yards.


Joe Flacco: 21/29, 306 yards, five touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 0 sacks.

Justin Forsett: 14 carries for 111 yards.

Steve Smith: five catches for 110 yards and a touchdown.

Torrey Smith: four catches for 51 yards and two touchdowns.

First quarter

This was about as ugly as the Falcons game. The Ravens went 85 yards on their first possession to score a touchdown, with a 52-yard Justin Forsett run highlighting that. With Mike Glennon taking the field after that, he made one good throw to Mike Evans before getting picked off on a bad pass under pressure. That led to Torrey Smith's second touchdown, and a 14-0 Ravens lead just five minutes into the first quarter.

And things would only get worse for the rest of the quarter. The offense went nowhere, the offensive line couldn't protect Mike Glennon, and he made bad decisions under pressure. That was then exacerbated by a defense that somehow seemed to have forgotten how to play their scheme.

At the end of the first quarter, the Bucs were down 28-0. The Ravens had had the ball four times, and managed 224 offensive yards, and four touchdowns. The Bucs, meanwhile, managed 20 offensive yards and one interception.

Second quarter

What, you think it'd get better? No, not really. I mean, the Bucs at least forced a punt and a field goal in the second quarter, but they also allowed a 56-yard Steve Smith touchdown and still couldn't get on the board on offense, themselves. Mike Glennon seemed to get hit on every play, and the pressure was getting to him. Even when the Bucs got a chance to score, they missed the field goal.

At least the Ravens didn't hit the 63-yard field goal they attempted at the end of the half.

Third quarter

The Bucs at least came out of the gate playing some competitive football. They scored a field goal after losing a would-be touchdown catch for Vincent Jackson to a back heel hitting a millimeter of white paint, and then forced an actual, honest-to-god three-and-out.

They even followed that up with a real touchdown drive, capped off by a Mike Evans touchdown catch.

Of course, the Ravens did still score a touchdown on a long drive, extended by a horrible personal foul call on Mark Barron -- the Bucs' first defenseless receiver penalty of the season, and it wasn't even correct.

Fourth quarter

The Bucs offense continued where it left off: with steady, competent play. Bobby Rainey and Mike Glennon led the Bucs down the field and the team capped it off with an easy touchdown catch by Louis Murphy. Where the defense still looked really bad against a Baltimore offense that was content to run out the clock, at least the offense turned into a somewhat competent unit.


Linebacker Danny Lansanah left the game in the first quarter to be evaluated for a concussion, but returned to the game not much later.

What's next?

The Buccaneers head into the bye week with plenty of things to work on. They get a relatively easy slate after that, as they face the Vikings in Tampa, travel to Cleveland, go back home to take on the Falcons and head to Washington over the four weeks following the bye.