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Buccaneers vs. Ravens Half time update: Baltimore killing Tampa Bay, 38-0

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have already lost to the Baltimore Ravens, at half time. The Ravens are up 38-0 at the half, as the Bucs put up one of the worst performances in recent memory.

Joe Robbins

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are getting destroyed by the Baltimore Ravens. And this time they can't blame a short week, or a road game, or even injuries. They're just playing horrible, horrible football.

After one quarter, the Ravens were up 28-0. This is only the thirteenth time in NFL history that a team was up by 28 points or more after one quarter. Not even one minute into the fourth quarter, that was 35-0. The Bucs finally managed to not give up a touchdown on the Ravens' sixth possession of the game. Instead, they gave up a field goal.

Everything is a complete disaster today. The defense doesn't have a clue, can't rush the passer, and certainly can't cover anyone. Meanwhile, the offensive line can't block anyone, and Mike Glennon looks shell-shocked.

Joe Flacco has five touchdown passes to four different receivers, having completed 15 of 22 passes for 245 yards. Mike Glennon has completed eight of twenty pass attempts for 109 yards and one interception. He's also been sacked three times, and has been hit on every other dropback.

Bucs fans can only hope that it won't be this bad in the second half. That they won't actually set records for incompetence. Because this is insane.