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Ravens vs. Buccaneers Score Update: Tampa Bay getting blown out at home

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are getting blown out in their own stadium, as the Baltimore Ravens are up 28-0 after one quarter.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Bucs got off to a horrible start to the game, with the Ravens taking just four games to get their first touchdown on the board. A 52-yard Justin Forsett run led to a quick touchdown pass to Torrey Smith in the red zone, who toasted backup Brandon Dixon in coverage.

Things got worse. Mike Glennon turned the ball over on a terrible interception on his second third-down pass attempt, having converted the first. Three plays later, Joe Flacco found Torrey Smith in the end zone again. Once again, that was Brandon Dixon in coverage.

Thought that was bad? Well, it got worse. Next offensive possession, Mike Glennon floated a ball over the middle of the field under pressure, but at least that was dropped. Didn't stop Joe Flacco from driving down the field for a touchdown, this time to Kamar Aiken. And he'd do it yet again on the final drive of the first quarter, finding Matt Campanaro for the Ravens' fourth touchdown.

This feels an awful lot like the game against the Atlanta Falcons, when the Bucs were completely obliterated for three quarters, before the backups took the field. The defense looks lost against the run and the pass, while the offense can't run or protect Mike Glennon, who proceeds to make bad decisions under pressure. It's a total disaster.