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Buccaneers announce Kevin O'Dea as special teams coordinator, 10 other assistant coaches

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are completing their coaching staff, with only a few openings remaining.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced a large part of their coaching staff, listing 11 new additions to the staff, most of which had been reported already. The biggest names on the list are Hardy Nickerson as the Linebackers Coach and Kevin O'Dea as the team's Special Teams Coordinator.

A few had not yet been widely reported, however. Lovie Smith's son Mikal will coach the safeties, while Dave Kennedy will take over as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. Larry Marmie, one of Lovie Smith's old mentors, will carry the somewhat vague "Senior Defensive Assistant" title.

Kennedy was Texas A&M's strength and conditioning coach for the past six years, while he has also spent time at Nebraska, but doesn't have any experience in the NFL. Mikal Smith was the Dallas Cowboys' Nickelback Coach last season (not related to playing Nickelback songs, I hope) and prior to that spent three yeras as an assistant with the Bears. Curiously, the Buccaneers do not list his being Smith's son. It seems they're a bit embarrassed by even the appearance of nepotism.

The Bucs have yet to hire a general manager, which will be their focus, but they also need an offensive line coach (which Tony Sparano has been reported to be) as well as a cornerbacks or defensive backs coach, and presumably a few more minor assistants. Other than that, all major positions appear to have a coach in place.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching staff now looks as follows, with reports and information linked.

Head coach - Lovie Smith

Offensive Coordinator - Jeff Tedford

Quarterbacks Coach Marcus Arroyo

Wide Receivers Coach Andrew Hayes-Stoker

Running Backs CoachTim Spencer

Assistant Offensive Line Coach - Matt Wiegard

Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier

Defensive Line CoachJoe Cullen

Linebackers Coach Hardy Nickerson

Safeties Coach - Mikal Smith

Senior Defensive Assistant - Larry Marmie

Special Teams Coordinator - Kevin O'Dea

Quality Control Coach - Ben Steele

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach - Dave Kennedy