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2014 NFL Draft: Brett Hundley returns to UCLA for junior season

Brett Hundley is returning to school, which makes the quarterback class a little thinner.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley will not enter the 2014 NFL draft. The sophomore will return to school for his junior season, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. Hundley helped UCLA win ten games this season, while he completed 67% of his passes for 24 touchdowns and 9 interceptions.

Hundley is a very talented quarterback, with a strong arm and plenty of mobility, but he's also a raw player who needs to improve in a lot of areas to become a quality NFL quarterback. Going back to school for another year should allow him to do just that.

With Hundley returning to school and Blake Bortles still undecided, Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater appear to be the only sure first-round quarterback prospects, with enigma Johnny Manziel possibly entering the mix as well. With four teams with big needs at quarterback picking ahead of the Bucs, they're almost certain to miss out on the top prospects unless they try to trade up with the St. Louis Rams, who hold the second overall pick. The Bucs are missing their third- and sixth-round picks this season, though, which will make a big trade difficult to pull off.