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Leslie Frazier will be Buccaneers' defensive coordinator

Leslie Frazier will come to Tampa as Lovie Smith's defensive coordinator, as they were apparently unable to get Rod Marinelli out of Jerry Jones' clutches.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will hire Leslie Frazier as their next defensive coordinator, the former Vikings head coach told Josina Anderson of ESPN. Frazier and Rod Marinelli were the reported options for Lovie Smith at defensive coordinator, with the latter's availability depending on the Dallas Cowboys' willingness to let him go. Apparently, they weren't very willing. There's a small chance Marinelli will join the staff as defensive line coach/assistant head coach at some point, but that seems unlikely.

Leslie Frazier hasn't actually served as Lovie Smith's defensive coordinator before, but he comes from the same Tony Dungy coaching tree, having served under Dungy for two years with the Indianapolis Colts. He also has experiences working under the late Jim Johnson with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was the Minnesota Vikings' defensive coordinator from 2007 through 2010, presiding over several strong defenses before taking over as head coach in 2010. He was fired after four years on the job this year, and his defenses grew progressively during his tenure of head coach.

Frazier could potentially help lure a few Vikings free agents to Tampa, specifically defensive end Jared Allen. The Bucs desperately need to find a way to pressure the quarterback from the defensive end position. Frazier will have plenty of toys to play with in Tampa, however, with Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David and Darrelle Revis being the most prominent names on the roster.

With Frazier to be Lovie Smith's defensive coordinator and Jeff Tedford his offensive coordinator, the main question is who will be the general manager. Chris Ballard is reported to be a very strong candidate, and we've heard very good things about the man.