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Super Bowl 2014 Predictions

Who do you think will win the 2014 Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos?

Jeff Zelevansky

Best defense vs. best offense. Two great teams in the Super Bowl, in the cold and (possibly) rain and/or snow. Good fun! Now let's try to predict the game.

I'm going with the Seattle Seahawks. They have the best defense in the NFL. One so good, it can probably even severely limit Peyton Manning and his group of unstoppable pass-catchers. For all those pass-catchers, after all, Manning's offensive line isn't great, and Seattle has a lot of good pass rushers. They also have the best secondary in the NFL.

And whereas the Broncos have one of the worst defenses in the NFL, the Seahawks at least have a decent offense. Dominant offense + horrible defense <<, dominant defense + decent offense. Seems easy to me.

Peyton Manning failing to win a Super Bowl again would annoy mostly because it'll be another talking points for weeks. The "Manning is a choker" folks will be out in force if that happens, because they'll have magically forgotten about Peyton's other two playoff wins this year. But whatever: nothing is going to shut those guys up, anyway.

No, the Seahawks are going to win. They have the best running game, the best defense by a mile and a quarterback who's been inconsistent, but can still make some magic happen a few times per game. Those few times should be enough to win them the game.

So what do you think? Who will win?