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Buccaneers officially announced Jason Licht as general manager

Jason Licht is now officially the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' general manager. He'll hold his first press conference on Thursday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have officially hired Jason Licht as their general manager, the team has announced. The move was first reported earlier today. The Bucs are emphasizing his experience in personnel, spending 14 years with three different teams and helping them collect the talent for four Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl win.

The Buccaneers released a statement from co-chairman Joel Glazer regarding the hire.

We are excited to welcome Jason Licht as the new general manager of the Buccaneers. Jason is a seasoned NFL personnel veteran who has worked with some of the most accomplished individuals in professional football while contributing to success in New England, Philadelphia and Arizona. His strong player personnel background provides the ideal complement to Lovie Smith's philosophy as our head coach. We look forward to working with Jason and Lovie as we set the foundation and chart the course for the future of Buccaneers football.

The Buccaneers will hold a press conference where Jason Licht will speak for the first time as the team's general manager on Thursday, January 23, at 1:30 PM ET. You will be able to view that press conference live on

It's then we'll get to hear that his name is pronounced "light". Because for some reason, every article on the man seems obligated to mention that detail. Including this one, now.