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Pro Bowl 2014: Brian Orakpo also beats out Lavonte David

Lavonte David continues to get snubbed in increasingly idiotic ways.

Gregory Shamus

Okay, now it's just getting ludicrous. Outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks opted out of the Pro Bowl. First thought: hey, cool, that probably means Lavonte David is going. Except, nope.

We discussed yesterday how Lavonte David arguably had the best year any linebacker has had since at least 1996. Meanwhile, Brian Orakpo had 10 sacks, one interception and four passes defensed. A good year, sure. Nowhere close to David's year.

Oh, and just so I can repeat this again, this is not due to fan voting. If it were up to the fans, Lavonte David would be in the Pro Bowl. They had him as the fifth best outside linebacker in the NFL. Instead, it's the coaches and players who did David in. What did he ever do to them?

The somewhat good news: Orakpo will hit the market this offseason and has the right size to play defensive end. So, the Bucs may have a Pro Bowl outside linebacker after all.