No, Carl Nicks is not getting cut

Can people please stop it with the assumption that we can just free up cap space by cutting Carl Nicks?

Yes, we COULD create some cap room by cutting him - all of 1 million dollars. That's it.

Read this article from back in December:

The important information is in the last paragraph: 6 of Nicks 7 million dollars are guaranteed for injury.

Even if we use the June 1st designation, that's still 6 million of dead cap space that the Bucs generate by cutting the guy who, when healthy, is the best interior lineman since Alan Faneca and Steve Hutchinson were in their primes.

If Nicks' injury is that severe that he'll never play again, then he'll retire - and (I believe) the Bucs could then claim back from him that 7 million.

Bit if it's not so bad that he needs to retire, all that does us give us 1 million in free cap space, and 6 million in dead cap space.

So, please, stop suggesting that cutting Nicks makes any real difference to our cap room - it's just not true.

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