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Revis Repo: Options for the Buccaneers If They Decide His Cap Number Is Too High

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the hook for $16 million for cornerback Darrell Revis. Could they find a trading partner if they wanted to move him?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Whether it's Lionel Vital, Mark Ross or Jason Licht, former general manager Mark Dominik certainly did no favors in dedicating $16 million of cap space to Pro Bowl CB Darrelle Revis.

Look, there's no question Revis is a phenomenal football player who will only get better in 2014, two years removed from his knee injury that set the wheels in motion for him to become a Buccaneer. There's also no question that unlike their predecessors - both Head Coach Lovie Smith and Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier can design a defense to take advantage of Revis' unique talents.

Yet whomever the new GM will be - they have to take a long hard look at whether or not Revis is worth quarterback money.

Let's start by saying - the Bucs don't need to move Revis. They are expected have over $15 million in cap space to work with and can generate more by releasing some unproductive veterans.

However, if they wanted to move him - there are potential suitors.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Expected Cap Space: $53 Million

The Jags' coach Gus Bradley brought the aggressive Seahawks styled defense to J-ville but they lacked the personnel to get those expected results. The Jags were 25th in the NFL against the pass. Their depth chart is a who's who of who?

Jacksonville needs talent across the board but it's hard to imagine that they could draft a player the caliber of Darrelle Revis and have that player make an instant impact.

Proposed Deal: To Jax - Darrelle Revis, TB 1st Round Pick (7th) overall, To TB: Jax 1st Round Pick ( 3rd overall), Jax 2nd Round Pick (39th overall), Jax 2015 2nd Round pick.

Oakland Raiders

Expected Cap Space: $64 million

Oakland's looking for a big move and none would be bigger than bringing Revis to the Black Hole. Oakland was worse than Jacksonville against the pass and their two corners Tracy Porter and Mike Jenkins are good players but not Revis. The Island could be an excellent mentor for young draft pick DJ Haden and allow the Raiders to provide more blitz opportunities than they've previously enjoyed.

Oakland gutted their defense last year and are in prime position to really make a statement this off-season. It could start by making the bold move for Revis.

Proposed Deal: To Oak: Darrelle Revis, To TB: Oak 1st Round Pick (5th overall), 2015 2nd round pick

Green Bay Packers

Expected Cap Space: $28 million

While Green Bay would be stretching it a bit to bring in Revis, especially with BJ Raji to re-sign, the Packers may want to upgrade a bit over Sam Shields (who is also a UFA). At 21st overall, Green Bay certainly won't find an impact player the caliber of Revis and having a shutdown corner could be a big benefit to Dom Capers 3-4 style. Plus Revis will be home in a defense he's used to working in. Teaming Revis with Tramon Williams could significantly improve the Packers' 24th ranked pass defense.

Proposed Deal: To GB: Darrelle Revis, To TB: GB 1st Round Pick (21st overall), GB 3rd RD pick (75th overall), GB 2015 3rd round pick.

There's a few other teams with the cap space to handle a Revis deal including Cleveland ($50 mill), Indianapolis ($37 mill), Miami ($35 mill), Washington ($28 mill) and Minnesota ($24 mill) but each of these franchises either don't have a need, the draft picks to make it worth the Bucs while or have too many of their own to re-sign to really be a factor.

In the end, the new General Manager and Head Coach Lovie Smith will have to weigh the impact Revis can have with the Buccaneers versus the cap cost savings and potential bounty of draft picks the Pro Bowl Corner could bring the franchise.