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NFL Coaching Rumors: Buccaneers interested in Mike Munchak as offensive line coach

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have yet to find an offensive line coach, despite filling every other coaching position on their staff. Mike Munchak would be a good addition, but that seems like a bit of a pipe dream.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are interested in Mike Munchak to coach their offensive line, according to Adam Schefter (via Tom Krasniqi). Mike Munchak was fired last week as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans, and has an extensive history and very good reputation as an offensive line coach. He was the Titans' offensive line coach for fourteen years before replacing Jeff Fisher as head coach. The Bucs need a new offensive line coach after Tony Sparano spurned them to sign a two-year extension with the Oakland Raiders.

Of course, this is probably little more than a pipe dream. Munchak appeared to be on track to become the Houston Texans' offensive line coach, but has since interviewed for head coaching positions with the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions. While he may be content with a position as an offensive line coach, it's not clear why he'd pick the Bucs over the Texans. All of that assuming he doesn't get a head coaching job this offseason.

The Bucs, meanwhile, will have to make sure they have a backup plan in the likely event Mike Munchak is not available for whatever reason. I've mentioned Jim Michalczik before, who worked with Jeff Tedford for nine years, and he seems like a sensible choice, but no reports have come out connecting him to the Bucs.