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Buccaneers general manager will have final say on NFL draft

Lovie Smith will handle the 53-man roster, but whoever's hired as general manager will run the draft.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have created a rather odd division of labor for their front office and head coach, according to Adam Caplan.

That's....weird to say the least. And who has final say over free agency? Contracts? What about the 90-man roster, rather than the 53-man roster? And how will they handle trades? Why does everything always need to be needlessly complicated and obscure with the Bucs?

I suppose I should be happy that at least Lovie Smith doesn't have full final say. But this weird division of responsibilities creates endless possibilities for senseless conflict. If the head coach doesn't like his third-round pick after training camp, will he simply be cut?

As always, though, the key to all of this will be whether the general manager and head coach have a good working relationship. None of this matters one whit if the coach and GM can simply reach a consensus on most issues, or if they respect each other's opinions enough to not make a big deal about being overruled in one area or another. With Lovie Smith, that should be fine.