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Pro Football Hall of Fame 2014: John Lynch, Derrick Brooks and Tony Dungy among 15 finalists

John Lynch, Derrick Brooks, Tony Dungy and Tim Brown are the four Buccaneers among the 15 finalists.


Four former Buccaneers will get the opportunity to enter the Hall of Fame this year. Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, Tony Dungy and Tim Brown are all finalists for the 2014 Hall of Fame. The group of 15 finalists will be whittled down to a list of five on Saturday, February 1, the day before the Super Bowl.

Of the four, Derrick Brooks is by far the most likely to get in. The former Defensive Player of the Year would be joining Warren Sapp, who was inducted last year, and Lee Roy Selmon as the only Buccaneers to be Hall of Famers and play most of their careers for Tampa Bay -- with Steve Young having the "Tampa Bay" designation on his resume somewhere, too.

Tony Dungy, John Lynch and Tim Brown will have a harder time getting in, however, especially given the stiff competition we see in the Hall of Fame every year. With players like Walter Jones and Marvin Harrison entering their first year of eligibility and Michael Strahan, Will Shields, Aneas Williams and Charles Haley getting a repeat look, finding a way to get all four Buccaneers into the Hall will be nigh-impossible.

Still, the fact that four Buccaneers are finalists speaks to the success the team had in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Even if Tim Brown doesn't really count.