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Bucs vs. Jets Review: Eight people to blame for Tampa Bay's loss

Jeff Zelevansky

When a game is over, it's important to blame the right people. You know, so you don't end up cussing out the wrong players. Hey man, cussing has to be accurate! So here's my quick list of people to blame and not blame for that frustrating loss.

Here's who I blame:

Lavonte David for a stupid, stupid penalty.

Leonard Johnson, for being the worst cornerback on the field and a crucial third-down penalty.

Mike Sullivan, for calling constant third-and-long screens and runs to nowhere.

Kevin Ogletree, for messing up two passes in the two-minute drive and being a non-factor throughout the game.

Mark Dominik and Greg Schiano, for failing to add any viable third receiving option.

The offensive line, for a shaky performance in pass protection, and a worthless performance in the running game.

Greg Schiano, for the 13 penalties, for not giving the offense more preseason playing time, for a sloppy overall game.

Bill Sheridan, for failing to use a quarterback spy for most of the game.

Who I won't blame:

Josh Freeman, for what was overall a decent performance in the face of a disintegrating offensive line and complete lack of a running game and receiving options.

Vincent Jackson, for putting up 157 receiving yards going against the opposing team's best cornerback.

Doug Martin, for valiantly battling when there was no room to run.

Darrelle Revis, for looking like a beast.

Adrian Clayborn, for relentless play and some hard hits.

Gerald McCoy, for being an unstoppable monster of a defensive lineman.

The run defense, for being as good as it was last year.

Mason Foster, for two sacks and a solid all-around game.

The refs, for doing their jobs.