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Walter Football is an awful website

Walter Football decides to tar Josh Freeman in the most backhanded way possible.

J. Meric

Walter Football is a disgusting website, who just violated a whole series of ethical concerns. Ethics? Yes, ethics. Here's what the site wrote in an article I'm not linking, because I don't want to give him any traffic for it.

I can't get into it, but Freeman has major personal things going on. Ronde Barber obviously knows what's happening, as the new FOX Sports analyst chided Freeman during a couple of the telecasts, stating that Freeman doesn't have what it takes to lead a football team and then saying "Something seems very off with Josh."

This is disgusting on multiple levels. First, there's the "I can't tell you what's up, but there totally is something," which is worse than actually giving us details. Note how Walter isn't actually stating anything. He's just hinting at something, and then letting people's imagination fill in the blanks. This is tabloid writing of the worst kind. And, because he's not being specific, he can never be proved wrong. Oh joy.

As if that wasn't bad enough, he then rips Ronde Barber's comments completely out of context (as Ronde was consistently talking about Josh's on-field play). I can't even remember Barber saying anything about Freeman's leadership -- the worst thing he said was that he couldn't carry the team on his own, which doesn't even come close to saying anything about Freeman's personal life.

Sly, non-specific hint followed up by out-of-context quotes that don't actually support that hint. Story!

Walter Football hasn't ever been known for its accuracy in reporting or its fair treatment of NFL teams or players, of course. Charlie Campbell (who does do good work) leaving Pewter Report for Walter Football gave him a shred of respectability, but I guess we can throw that out the window again. Which is why I'm not even linking to him -- you can use Google to find it, if you want.

None of this even matters, anyway. Maybe Freeman has personal issues -- it's none of our business, and it doesn't need to affect him on the field. And in fact, we can explain his on-field struggles quite easily without having to resort to tabloid-style hints. Mechanics, handling the blitz, miscommunication -- these are on-field things we can examine and talk about.

But hey, it got him some traffic. I guess that's all that matters.

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